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Learn Linux Quickly


If you have always wanted to learn Linux but are still afraid to do so, this book is for you! A lot of people think of Linux as a sophisticated operating system that only hackers and geeks know how to use, and thus they abort their dream of learning Linux. Well, let me surprise you! Linux is simple and easy to learn, and this book is the ultimate proof!


You may have stumbled across a variety of sources that all explain Linux in a complicated and dry manner. This book does exactly the opposite; it teaches you Linux in a delightful and friendly way so that you will never get bored, and you will always feel motivated to learn more.


Learn Linux Quickly doesn't assume any prior Linux knowledge, which makes it a perfect fit for beginners. Nevertheless, intermediate and advanced Linux users will still find this book very useful as it goes through a wide range of topics. Learn Linux Quickly will teach you the following topics:


  • Installing Linux

  • Over 116 Linux Commands

  • User and Group Management

  • Linux Networking Fundamentals

  • Bash Scripting

  • Automate Boring Tasks with Cron Jobs

  • Create your Own Linux Commands

  • Linux Disk Partitioning and LVM

  • Finding Files on Linux

  • Understanding File Permissions

  • Linux Processes


And much more! There is no time to waste here! Learn Linux Quickly and kick start your Linux career today!


Learn Bash Quickly


Master Bash Scripting and learn how to automate boring administrative Linux tasks


Key Features


  • Create and run effici